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"Better than I was, more than I am, and all of this happened by taking your hand."

Frequently Asked Q & A

Q. Why McNeill Cinema Group?

We have two very important goals that we live by at MCG.  First, we want to be upfront about everything.  If you request something, we will try our best to do it, and if we can’t do it, we will tell you.  We want to make the business side of what we do quick and easy, so we can move on to getting to know you. Second, we want to capture moments as they happen naturally, so when you watch your film, you can relive and preserve those precious lifetime memories and moments of the extraordinary day you spent with your family and friends celebrating, marrying the love of your life years from now.


Q. What Is the difference between videography & cinematography?

 A cinematic wedding is a storytelling film. The film is shot very differently where cinematographers will more than likely shoot in short clips. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because we are shooting to tell a story, not just document every single minute of your wedding day. Traditional wedding videographers are your typical video camera that is usually shoot continuously. There is not much creativity involved besides following the couple around and documenting everything that’s being done. There is no storytelling involved, and nothing would be done in the edit that would give you those emotions you would get from a cinematic wedding film. It’s pretty much a point and shoot type of thing and it’s much cheaper than having a cinematographer at your wedding. Cinematographers in the wedding industry are like the directors in the movie and film industry. We shoot with one goal in mind, to tell a great story from beginning to end.

Q. How much do your services cost?

Our cinema wedding packages range from $1600 to $2800 we also have an a-la-carte system, so you can pick and choose the items that suit your needs and budget the best.


Q. What does it take to reserve McNeill Cinema Group for our date?

We only book one wedding per week. We do this in order to provide higher quality wedding films, in a timely manner. Because we only reserve one wedding per week, we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% to reserve a date for weddings.

Q: What kind of cameras do you use?

We film with professional (Hollywood) grade production and cinema cameras. Our techniques and equipment are constantly evolving to provide the best possible footage and  image quality..


Q: How do you capture audio?

We use Lavalier microphones at the ceremony – we attach one on the groom and one on the officiant. They are strong enough to pick up the bride’s voice as well, which is very important for capturing the vows! During the reception if optionable, we simply plug into the DJ’s soundboard to collect the sound in order to get the best possible toasts.

Q. What's included in your packages?

All of our cinema packages come with full day wedding coverage because every wedding day is a unique and precious story waiting to unfold, and stories don’t take place in tidy six or eight increments.

  • Full Day Coverage: Bridal Prep – the Bride and Groom’s Formal Exit

  • Candid filming of the Ceremony and Reception

  • 2 Cinematographers Capturing your Special day

  • 2-3 Cinema Cameras at the Ceremony and Reception

  • Multiple Filmic Camera Angles of Ceremony and Reception

  • Professional Lighting for Reception Dance Floor

  • Professional Wireless Audio (Lavalier Microphones)

  • Specialized filming and Stabilization Equipment

  • 1 Cinematic Film (film length depends on selected package)

  • 1 Cinematic Wedding Teaser (Value of $595.00-not included in Classic Cinema Package)

Q. Can I upgrade or change my cinema package?

Absolutely! Packages can be changed before or after the wedding, up to 60 days after the wedding film has been delivered. We also offer a variety of a-la-carte and add-on services that allow you to customize your wedding film.

Q. How does it work if I choose item(s) from the a-la-carte system to customize my wedding day instead of selecting a cinema package?

The items in our a-la-carte system has the price listed next to each item. Select the items you want to utilize in order to create and customize your cinematic wedding film.


Q. How soon until I receive my cinematic wedding film?

We start editing films soon after we’re done shooting them, to guarantee a quick delivery! If a wedding teaser trailer is included in your package, it is usually delivered around two weeks after your event. There are certainly seasons within the wedding industry and from time to time (around the holidays for example) it can take a little longer, and sometimes at the beginning for a wedding season it can be less, but we promise a great product, tailored to your specifications, and we will communicate with you throughout the whole process so as to keep you informed of the status. You are always welcome to email during that time to check in as well.

  •  Classic Cinema Package: Vignette film is approximately 4 to 7-minutes long, it is usually delivered within 4 – 6 weeks.

  • Deluxe Cinema Package: Mini-featurette film is approximately 8 to 14 minutes long, it is usually delivered within 6 – 8 weeks.

  • Luxury Cinema Package: Featurette film is approximately 15 to 30- minutes long, it is usually delivered within 8 – 10 weeks.

  • Fairy-tale Fantasy Cinema Package: Feature film is approximately 30 to 60-minutes long, it is usually delivered within 10 – 12 weeks.

Q. How do we reserve a date and how soon should we hire you?

Couples should contact us at the beginning of their engagement! We book up just like any other cinematographer, videographer, photographer, venue, florist, etc… Popular dates go quickly and we only book one wedding per week. That doesn’t mean if you call us last minute, we won’t have your date open, it just means there is a chance we are already booked. There is a non-refundable retainer of 50% along with a signed service agreement to reserve your date..


Q. What kind of deposit is due for payment? What about the balance?

When you sign a service agreement, a non-refundable 50% deposit is due immediately. Once the payment goes through your date is officially booked. The remaining 50% of the balance is due in full 14 days before the event day. MCG will email you the invoice for all payments which can be paid directly online.


Q. What happens if I need to postpone or cancel my service agreement?

In the event of a postponement or cancellation of the service agreement. You may cancel your services up to 30 days prior to your event and will not owe your balance. However, if you cancel your services within 30 days of your event date for whatever reason, you will still be responsible for the remaining balance. For example, if you paid a deposit of $600 and your balance is $600. You will not receive your deposit back, and you would still owe $600. The reason for this policy is that entering into an agreement to hold your date is serious business, as serious as your big day is, and only film one wedding per week— period! Once you have booked with us, we hold that date sacred for you and you only, and thus we must decline any other business that comes our way. We can't be guaranteed of re-booking your date with another potential client in the event you cancel. We expect to render our services for full payment of your contract. However, we allow that in the extremely unlikely event you must cancel in advance (at least 31 days before the wedding) per the service agreement terms, under no circumstance will you be responsible for your entire balance.

Q. What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept payment by cash, cashier’s check, money order. We also accept payments through Zelle and PayPal. To pay through PayPal, click on the link, then the personal tab, then the “send money – send money online” menu link. Please note – there is a 3% convenience charge for PayPal transactions to cover their fees. Example: my balance is $800. To pay by PayPal, I would add 3%, or $24.00 to that for a total of $824.00.


Q. Do you offer a Payment Plan?

We understand that finances are not always what bridal magazines and platforms say they should be and while $1600 - $2800 is quite a deal, it's still a pretty large sum to come up with all at once. We want to ensure the couples who choose MCG to have payment options that will allow them to break their costs into affordable payments. It is our hope that no one will ever look at MCG's services and walk away strictly because they could not afford it. If a payment plan is needed please let us know, we are happy to help.


Q. Do you offer a military & public service discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount. You must have proof of service. Call us to book with the discount!


Q. Do you travel?

Yes, we love to travel! Contact us for a custom quote. You can rest in the fact that by sending our team with you to your destination wedding, you won’t have to worry about your film! We’ll tell your story, you relax and enjoy it!


Q. Do you charge travel fees?

There are no travel fees for Houston – Galveston Area weddings and events. We currently film weddings in San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Galveston, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi. We also film in all the surrounding areas. Beyond the boundaries of the Houston – Galveston area, depending on your event, package, and location, travel and/or overnight expenses may be incurred. If your location is within 85 miles or 90 minutes each way (= 3 hr. roundtrip) from Pearland, Texas there is no charge. Beyond that, travel fees start at a flat $50. If your wedding location is more than 3 hours away (such as San Antonio or at least 3 – 4 hours away (such as Dallas) but starts very early or ends very late, etc., a flat travel fee of $300 will be incurred, which includes travel time, gasoline, meals and a reasonably-priced motel for an overnight stay before or after your event.


Q. Do you offer photography as well?

Currently, we do not. However, we work with some amazingly talented photographers and would love to recommend them to you! Contact us if you’d like some recommendations!

Q. Do you work well with photographers?

Being cohesive with photographers is one of the most important aspects of us getting our job done. If we’re constantly in each other’s way trying to get the “best shot” then we’re only hurting, you. Usually, we try to hang out beside the photographer, so no one is in anyone’s shot.

Q. What is the advantage of USB over DVD?

The quality of TVs are consistently improving but DVD players are stagnant. Delivering your film on USB ensures you will have the highest quality film possible to keep up with the ever-changing technology. You will be free to make your own DVD copies, so you won’t have to worry about a single copy DVD skipping years from now. Also, having the .mov file on a USB drive allows you to keep your film in high-def!

Q. What is the MCG File Vault?

Since everything we film these days is digital, there’s no “Mastertape” to stick on a shelf.  We could certainly have a drive for every client collecting dust here at our studio office, but why not just allow you to have it? For $500.00, the cost of a premium external hard-drive 5 – 10tb included, we will hand you all of our editing files from your wedding day. The MCG file vault is located on the hard drive you receive once the final film is complete along with digital versions of your films that you can put on your computer. This means that in a few years, if you decide you want another film or you find your taste changes and you want something different a few years ahead, you can bring your drive with the file vault back to us and we can make those changes!  You can also take the drive and store it in a safety deposit box or wherever you might store photo albums. Its really, a great insurance policy to have in case something were to ever happen to your USB thumb drive. Quick note: We do recommend not playing around with the files unless you are familiar with professional editing software.

Q. Do we get to pick our own music?Yes and no. You are hiring us because our style resonates with you! Our clients trust our style and trust that we will pick music that represents them as a couple! On the questionnaire you will receive once you book, you’ll be able to tell us what songs you prefer and also what genres of music you like/don’t like.


Q. We don’t want to have a big production, are you able to capture our day discretely?

Absolutely! We guarantee you’ll notice your photographer more than you’ll notice us. We want to make a big deal out of your wedding day! But, know that we do all of this with the utmost respect for your day, leaving it uninterrupted. Our entire goal at your wedding is to blend in, be friendly and professional, and capture all of the large and small moments that you don’t want to forget.


What events do you normally try to film?

  • Pre-shots, bridal party prep, the entire ceremony, post-ceremony and pre-reception shots (e.g., special photo shoots, establishing exterior and interior shots, detail shots, people shots, etc.) as time permits.

  • Introductions, special toasts, speeches, performances, and dances are covered, along with the bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting and any special requests you have. In general, group, social dancing is covered as your schedule permits as well as the grand exit.

  • In addition to event-specific filming, we generally try and capture all details of the day, including clothing, jewelry, flowers, guests, the band or special performers, reception decorations, table details, head table, lighting treatments, the cake, gifts, guest book or signed portrait, photo booth, and any other details unique to your wedding (e.g., a horse-drawn carriage or an ice sculpture). If there’s something particular that you want us to capture, be sure and make a note of it.


Q. What kind of weddings do you film, culturally speaking?

Many religions – Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and non-denominational, etc.

Many cultural backgrounds … American, African, Arab, Assyrian, Chinese, Filipino, Irish, Indian, Mexican, Pakistani, and Russian. Every celebration deserves a great wedding video!


Q: Why invest in a quality wedding film? I already have a great photographer to

capture my day.

  • Your wedding day is one of the most celebrated days of your life. We believe that budgeting for an amazing photographer and wedding filmmaker is a necessity and should be one of the top decisions you make when planning your wedding day. You have spent months deciding on each and every detail. Your wedding film will allow you to relive not only the sights but also the sounds and atmosphere of your special day for a lifetime.